Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin that Actually Works

Have you ever notice how the world observe the white women? If you have a fair or white skin, you are instantly viewed as beautiful and this made black women feel undesirable. But, what if you could change your complexion to be more seductive ? I know that you are seeking for potential items to improve your hue and I am here to help you. So, I have listed in this post about the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin .  The products that you are about to read are proven and tested.

But before going to the “best skin whitening cream for dark skin” , i have given answered to some of the questions which you should know about it.

Why Black Women Use Whitening Cream?

Did you know that the complexion of a woman is beyond skin deep? A black color is associated with horrible things and many dark women feel bad because of their skin. Meanwhile, being white is associated with favorable characteristics. They are viewed as kind, rich and educated. Yes, there is bias to the advantage of the white women. This causes an inferiority complex among the blacks towards the whites.

Perhaps, you already hear this statement: “black is beautiful.” Many are encouraging black people to accept their natural color and be grateful about it because it is what God gave to them.

Most dark skinned women use skin bleaching cream to have a lighter complexion as it made them them look good and feel prettier and comfortable. While the society is already warm and welcoming to the blacks, most  actresses, models and celebrities are white.

Perhaps, you’ve heard this advice a million times already while you struggle to get a fairer skin. That is why it’s not easy for black women like us to take whitening products. As if , it is we are revealing  our race with our chase for lightening our skin.

Do Skin Lightening Creams Work?

Yes, skin bleaching creams work because of its active ingredients. One of the most widely used ingredients in this product is hydroquinone. FDA regulates the use of hydroquinone in the country as long as it complies with its requirements.

Skin lighteners are allowed upto 2% hydroquinone contain. Meanwhile in the recent studies, dermatologists can write prescriptions that can contain 4% – 6% hydroquinone.

Sometimes it also uses natural ingredients such as kojic acid – which is a compound comes with arbutin and fungus found in various plants.Aside from hydroquinone, skin lightening cream also contains drugs like steroids and retinoic acid that contains vitamin A as active ingredients.

Also, if you search for products and read customer reviews, you will find thousands of positive feedbacks about skin lightening product which are really the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin. So, yes, this product really works.

Why Uses Skin Bleaching Cream?

While “Black is beautiful” holds true to some, not all black women believe in this adage. Did you know that in Nigeria, 77% of women use skin lightening product on a regular basis? Meanwhile, in South Africa it is illegal to sell products that claim to bleach or whiten skin, but do you know that skin bleaching is a booming business in the country as they want to become fairer and so searching Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin.

Think about this for a moment, is your skin dark?  Do you feel prettier whenever you feel that your skin is lighter? Do you feel ugly whenever you sit beside a fair-skinned maiden? Don’t be shy to admit it. To be honest, I have the same feeling. There were days when I felt a little prettier and during those times, I was using skin whitening products.

Your struggle to getting a lighter skin is understandable for us born black. Although some discourage us to change our skin tone it is always our prerogative whether we take whitening creams or not.

In fact, even black celebrities use lightening products. For instance, the popular Kenyan model and socialite Vera Sidika also admitted that she spent tons of money to bleach her skin.Nigerian-Cameroonian pop musician Dencia introduced her skin lightening product Whitenicious, which sold out immediately after its release.  The sales exceed  15,000 units after three weeks as demand continues to grow.

“Why did I get a couple of shades lighter than I was? That’s a personal choice,” said Dencia. “That is what I wanted to be… I’m very daring. I like trying things. I’m not doing it because I want to have boyfriends. And I’m not doing it because I want anybody to accept me. It’s because I just wanted to do it.”

Are Skin Lightening Creams Permanent

I understand that your search for a light skin is a lifetime. You wanted to find Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin products that will give you a white complexion for life. Of course, why spend, in the first place if eventually, you will just return to your original hue?

Unfortunately, skin bleaching creams are not permanent. They do not get rid of the melanin permanently. Melanin is a group of pigments found in most organisms. The more melanin one has, the darker her skin is.

Our skin is constantly revived  and the process  known as melanocytes, includes the formation of new melanin by the melanin-producing cells.

Upon using bleaching cream, the activities of the melanocytes are reduced or the cells are killed altogether. However, with time, other cells in you skin known as stem cells will end up transforming into melanocytes and produce melanin according to your DNA. In the end, you will become darker unless the melanocytes are suppressed for a long time. This is why we experience lasting whitening, but the possibility of getting back our original hue is still possible.

There is nothing wrong in using skin whitening products if you desire to get a lighter complexion. Most black women seek this kind of products because they feel good, prettier and more desirable and yet everyone is searching for the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin. So, if you want the same thing, no problem.

Are Skin Lightening Creams Safe?

Have you asked yourself this question: “are skin lightening cream harmful?” I’ve asked myself the same question for a number of times before I tried one. Of course, we don’t jump into trying something new right away. We weigh its benefits and risks. We take precautions. Do you do the same before you make decisions?

Good news! My research shows that these types of products work and they are safe because they contain natural ingredients. However, there are also risks issue even though they are the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin.  For instance, what makes hydroquinone controversial is its mercury content.

Mercury is toxic and is associated with damage to brain, kidneys and eyes. However, reports suggest that the amount of hydroquinone in standard products are not carcinogenic to humans. So, while hydroquinone is still effective, you should not think of increasing your dosage just to achieve your desired goal of getting complexion immediately.

Overall, skin lightening cream is safe, but you should be mindful of these risks.

  • Hydroquinone may cause unwanted and untreatable skin discoloration
  • Steroids may increase risk for skin infections, skin thinning, acne and poor wound healing
  • Various bleaching agents, including natural ingredients, can cause skin irritation or allergic reaction.
  • Prolonged use can contribute to premature aging of skin
  • Long-term use increases risk of skin cancer from sun exposure

So, make sure before using any of the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin product :

  • Talk to your doctor and ask for specific instructions
  • Make sure that when you purchased an over-the-counter skin lightener with hydroquinone it has no more than 2% chemical
  • Make sure that the product does not contain mercury.
  • If a label contains hydroquinone, but it has no details about the concentration, I suggest that you leave it in the stall. Don’t assume that it is safe.

Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin are listed below:

I understand that at this point you are already very eager to find the best products that will help you lighten up your complexion. So, without further ado, here is the list of the skin bleaching creams that you should try.

These items have made a number of black women happy and I can guarantee that you will feel the same when you try it too. So, check our list below.

1. Ambi Fade Cream

Ambi Fade Cream is one of the most popular skin bleaching cream in the market today as it is cheap and also very effective on its results.

The secret of Ambi Fade product is that it contains the 2% concentration of hydroquinone.

Ambi Fade skin bleaching cream which is one of the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin is guaranteed to work with lots of positive feedback from the customers and the best thing this product is that in its price. It is also probably one of the most affordable items in the market that you can use to achieve a lighter skin tone.

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However, about the product Ambi Fade on its ingredient on it is quite controversial. Hydroquinone is FDA-approved for treatment of freckles, melasma and general brown patching. Its efficacy is well-established over time.

A studies in 2003 on hydroquinone that is published in the International Journal of Dermatology found that the ingredient hydroquinone reduces signs of hyperpigmentation associated with melasma by a whopping 76.9% beating all other skin whitening complex at 66.7%.

However, in an another study in 2010, the U.S. FDA raised concern about hydroquinone and other skin-bleaching agents. Hydroquinone was associated with an increase risk in cancer and ochronosis (darkening of the skin).

There were studies reporting that mice exposed to hydroquinone developed live tumors. However, a 2006 review in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology disagreed and noted that the results were misleading. Hydroquinone increased the number of benign liver tumors and reduces the proportion of cancerous liver tumors.

Professionals are not worried about the issues concerning hydroquinone because it is still deemed safe. Products containing 2% of hydroquinone are still allowed over the counter, 4% for prescription.

Ambi Fade Cream improves the signs of hyperpigmentation, uneven pigmentation and spots within four to six weeks. It performs better than any other products designed for hyperpigmentation.

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It also works in gradually fading dark skin discolorations such as freckles, age and liver spots, and uneven pigmentations from pregnancy.  Another great thing about this item is that it contains sunscreen to help prevent skin darkening from recurring.

This product is not advisable for children under 12 years of age. It also is not recommended for sunburn prevention.

The disadvantage with this product is that results may vary. It might work early in some users and may take time to others.  Meanwhile, some users experienced mild skin irritation. Others suffered from allergic reactions. So, I suggest that you observe your skin’s reaction while using the product.

Despite the negative reports about hyperpigmentation, Ambi  Fade Cream  remains one of the best skin lightening products, in terms of price and results.  It has the right amount of hydroquinone, so it is safe.


Cons – Ambi Fade
  • Mild skin irritation
  • Allergic reaction
  • Results vary
Pros – Ambi Fade
  • Works well for hyperpigmentation
  • Cheaper than most skin whitening products
  • Safe and effective
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2. Black and White Bleaching Cream

Black and White Bleaching Cream is another popular product for women wishing to achieve a lighter skin tone. It contains hydroquinone that is proven to efficiently improve and lighten your complexion.

The Genuine Black and White with Hydroquinone Bleaching Cream is ideal for improving the skin tone of your face. You can also use it on your hands and arms to diminish freckles.

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This hydroquinon skin-bleaching cream features a greaseless ointment that will help moisturize your skin. As you use this hydroquinone bleaching cream over time, you will notice a gradual decrease of skin discoloration such as liver spots, dark spots, age spots and freckles.

This cream also works in helping you get rid of pimple scars on darker skin and lighten spots that are unevenly dark. Aside from improving your skin  complexion, some users also noticed that it lighten up their stretch mark and scars. The good thing is that you can see results in as early as one week.

However, it is recommended that you apply this three times a day to see immediate results. Also, there are tendency that the dark spots may return, so you should keep on applying it.

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This cream is efficient and affordable, which makes it a good choice for African-American women who wish to get a lighter shade. Overall, this product is great.


Cons – Black and White Bleaching Cream
  • You still need to apply 30 SPF sunscreen
  • Not for acne sensitive skin as breakout may occur
Pros – Black and White Bleaching Cream
  • Effectively lightens skin
  • Removes scars quickly
  • Reduces the look of freckles
  • Non-greasy
  • Great price
  • Takes about 2-3 weeks to see results
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3. Meladerm  (Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin)

Meladerm is the world’s #1 product when it comes to uneven skin tone, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. The Civant Advanced Skin Care Solutions is behind its success.

Meladerm uses a proven formula to help you lighten up your skin tone. It uses a straightforward philosophy which is to create a safe and effective product for their customers. Initially, this item targets hyperpigmentation, but it also works as a natural skin lightening cream.

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Meladerm works well for  dark discolorations, melasma and chloasma, tan and sun damage, acne marks, freckles, birthmarks, old scars, uneven skin tone, dark elbows, knees, underarms and knuckles, age spots, liver spots and sun spots.

What sets Meladerm apart from the other natural skin lightening cream is their formula. Although some products have the same set of ingredients, they harness the true power of the active ingredients and takes great care during production because they are aware that light and air easily deteriorates substances like Kojic Acid. The Civant team exerts great effort in micronizing and filtering all active ingredients and extracts for superior efficiency, which most cheaper brands often missed.

How does it work? Meladerm works by combining the well-documented properties of the most beneficial skin lightening ingredients. Most of the active ingredients in the formula are derived from the natural extracts of Mulberry, Licorice and Bearberry plants. It is safe and does not contain any hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or other harmful bleaching substances.

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This product is only available online. The great thing though is that they offer money-back guarantee. So make sure to purchase from the official website only.

Though it is also one of the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin, but the downside about this item is that it is expensive. Also, some customers reported face irritation on the first few days. In addition to this, you have to be patient because it may take 2-3 months to see results on severely darkened areas.

How To Use:

To achieve an even complexion and naturally fade your dark skin spots, it is recommended that you dedicate time and patience to the process. When Meladerm is combined with exfoliation agents, Meladerm provides initial results within 2-4 weeks of use. Full results generally take 2-3 months. However, please take note that results may vary depending on the individual’s skin physiology and condition.

Meladerm Skin Whitening cream


Cons – Meladerm
  • Expensive
  • Can only be purchased online
  • Takes 2-3 months to see results
  • Face irritation
  • Only available online
Pros – Meladerm
  • Addresses a number of skin problems
  • Unique formula
  • Civant team exerts effort during production to maintain the efficiency of the ingredients
  • Effectively whitens skin
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4. Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream

Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Cream is popular for fading dark spots and evening skin tone. This product is something that you should try on.

Palmer’s Skin Success Fade Cream is for all skin types so it comes under the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin. It gives you a flawlessly radiant complexion by effectively correcting discoloration such as dark spots, age spots, post-acne scars and uneven skin tone.

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Similar to Ambi Fade Cream, this product also contains 2% hydroquinone, which is proven effective. It also contains retinol to improve fine lines and boosts collagen, vitamin E that protects against free radical damage, alpha hydroxy fruit acids that increases cell turnover and vitamin C that naturally brightens and even skin tone.

It also contains sunscreen to help prevent skin darkening from recurring. This will also help you save money and time from sunscreen application. In general, this product works fine with different skin types. A number of customers with dry, sensitive and acne prone skin love its results.

Unfortunately, results vary. Some experience breakout while using this. So, you have to observe your body’s reaction when using this.

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Overall, Ambi Fade Cream is a great product. Just like most skin bleaching creams on the market, it has its own set of advantage and setback. However, I must say, that this particular product is worth a try.

Palmers Skin Success Anti-Dark Spot Fade Cream

Cons – Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream
  • Results vary among users
  • Some users experienced break out
Pros – Palmers Skin Success Fade Cream
  • For all skin types
  • Fades dark spots
  • Evens skin tone
  • Contains retinol, vitamin E, alpha hydroxy fruit acids, and vitamin C
  • Price is competitive
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5. Whitenicious 

Look: I know that you are here because you are looking forward to finding a cream that you can use for your body to achieve your desired complexion. So, this cream will be perfect for you as it also on the list of the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin.

Whitenicious products, in general, use natural, safe and organic ingredients. It has no hydroquinone, steroids, mercury or parabeans that might affect your health adversely.

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Whitencious Skin Brightening & Clarifying Body Creme is designed to treat your whole body. The scientists behind this product believe that every inch of you, from head to toe, deserves the much protection and replenishment as your face.

This body cream is made out of the finest organic fruit extracts with an active three-in-one ingredient to reinforce your skin’s luminosity and brightening. This cream illuminates, brightens, nourishes and energizes your skin while hydrating with silken textures.

You can notice visible results in as early as 3 days. However, the results may vary depending on your skin type and may take up to 2 weeks.

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The downside with this product is that it is very expensive. Aside from being costly, it is recommended that you still apply sunblock of at least  SPF 60 in the morning.  Also, the process may involve peeling and tingling when applied.

Despite the pros and cons of this product, Whitenicious remains as one of the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin for African Americans. This is highly recommended.

How To Use:

It is recommended that you apply this to your entire body as often as needed 2-3 times throughout the day to hydrate and nourish your skin. During application pay special attention to your hands, feet, elbows and other parts of your body which are prone to drying.

Whitenicious is a great product to help you achieve a lighter skin complexion. If you doubt its efficiency just look for Cameroonian/Nigerian-born singer Dencia and see her transformation using this cream.


Cons – Whitenicious
  • Very expensive
  • You still need to apply sunblock
Pros – Whitenicious
  • Made from the finest organic fruit extracts
  • Works for your entire body
  • Product is safe
  • Does not contain steroids, hydroquinone or mercury
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At last Conclusion for Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin

If your are kind of a girl or women who wants to make your skin complexion whiter/ lighter ,then trust me use the products mentioned above for the  Best Skin Whitening Cream for Dark Skin, which are proven and very effective, with lots of positive feedback to give the fairer skin complexion making you feel prettier, good and full of confidence while standing infront of the large crowd.


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